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Our team


Mommy Ninja, the mastermind behind the Halal Kindergarten channel, created specifically for toddlers and kids.


BABA also lends his expertise to create a special touch for toddlers and kids in this journey.

The halal kindergarten strives to make its content understandable and engaging for toddlers, creating an environment where they can easily learn and absorb Islamic teachings.

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About us

Halal Kindergarten is a one-of-a-kind channel created by Mommy Ninja, the mastermind behind its engaging and educational content. Designed specifically for toddlers and kids, it offers a unique combination of fun activities and Islamic values, providing a halal environment for early learning. With the added touch from BABA, this channel aims to make learning an enjoyable and enriching experience for children.

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We welcome and encourage your suggestions for new videos! Feel free to drop your ideas and suggestions here. Your input is valuable in helping us create content that toddlers and kids will love.